How to Best Get to Know Our Customer

We enter a bar and ask for a beer. The bartender makes us wait, or even worse, attends us rudely. Most probably we won't be coming back to this bar, because as the customers we are, we expect to be treated kindly and efficiently. This is what we pay for.

More Retail Trends: Customer Data Protection and Value Chain Control

As with every week, we publish two new trends for the Retail industry. In this post we are going to talk about the following...

"Equipos y Talento" Magazine Interview on Neurosales

Neurosales is a discipline that translates the findings of neuroscience in practical and applicable tips to the business and sales relationship with customers.

The Most Visited Sales Posts in 2015, in 2 Minutes

We invite you to see a 2 minute video with the most valued sales posts in 2015 by all of you! If you want to return to reading the articles, click this same post.

NEUROSALES: How to Activate the Customer's On/Off Button

“95% of our decisions are subconscious” Source: Harvard, Yale.

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