Will they be cheaper shops service stations? There is a new scenario

Stores that are located in service stations are called “convenience” and were born with the concept of “One Stop Shopping”, it means, comfort as the main purchase motivation: “I´m here so I take the bread and…” Several studies support that the client could not remember the cost of purchase. This business has contributed in 2011 an average of 35% of a point of sale.

The decline in gasoline sales in 2011 was 5.5%, , due to many factors such as cooperatives, rising fuel prices, unemployment rate, the penalty point and others, the . which has a direct impact on the benefit of the station and indirectly in the number of customers entering the same. As well, nowadays in Spain, customers value price as a factor of buying decision ahead of the comfort; a criterion that does not fit with the market positioning of that stores (big stock, high prices…).

For this reason, oil companies has been rethinking their strategies time and doing experiments to modify the concept of convenience store today and evolve it into a concept store. Will it change the current distribution? Will they get higher profits by lowering prices and thus increasing the turnover of goods and, importantly, increase customer traffic to the stations? The future is coming and we´ll see news soon.

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