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– Right now I bring. Will you take something to eat, I give the letter?

Who has not felt identified with these two simple sentences? Could say with some certainty, that all who are reading you can remember a scene where this conversation has been given.

It’s simple, someone asks for a beer at a cafe, and the server responds by asking if you also want something to eat. This  dialogue, in more or lesser extent, is familiar, is a clear example of what we call Active Sale.

So, someone wants a certain product, this case a drink to relieve thirst, and the waiter, who diligently tends his request, gives a step further. In addition to serving the drink gives you something to eat because you think you can wish for.

Sometimes customers want to see the menu and asked about rations, and in others, simply answered in the negative grounds that they are not hungry or going in a hurry. In any case, the waiter has increased the possibility that encourage them to drink, and if you finally decide to ask, have made an additional sales caused by their proactive attitude.

The surprise with this sales technique, is when applied to products or on premises that are not used. For example, I will tell you an experience that happened to me the other day in a pharmacy. I say only that “I was a victim” of a Sale Active well done … I went to buy paracetamol and after waiting my turn for a few minutes, I reached the counter and ordered the drug. The pharmacist, very polite and well mannered, greeted me and asked me what I wanted. Upon request, went to look for paracetamol and returned with him.

I was about to pay the capsules, I noticed about me watching the look of the pharmacist. I watched, I watched. And what he saw that I was looking at some mints that were next to the box. Was watching without any pretense. I had noticed the golden color of the container and, without more, had set eyes on them. At that time, without missing a beat, the clerk before him asked me if I liked the candy. My positive response, responded with enthusiasm, praising the taste and the warm welcome they had these candies, and he proposed to buy a package to try them, I regret that I said … And within minutes, happy and satisfied with my purchase, I left the pharmacy with paracetamol … and candy.

As I said at the beginning, had just been “victim” of a Sale Active well done. In no time I was pressured to buy those candies. The pharmacist I spoke so highly of the benefits of the product over another and experience to the test, I was simply advised and take them wanting. I realized then: I had not bought the candy, he sold it to me.

In a model of consumption, in which customers are not buying as freely as in other times, you need to sell. Sell ​​”actively”. In Overlap we are aware of the change and the importance of active selling. Why we promote our clients integrate this technique in the way you work. It is precisely in the field of energy where these projects are very successful.

The goal is to get the one for the customer, whether a technician lifts, a car salesman or a marketer at a service station, overcome fear of selling, and managed to act naturally in the Sale Active without the customer feel invaded. The highlight of the project will be as if, in addition, it is possible that managers of these vendors are the engines of this culture.

What is Active Sale?

The technique of Active Sale develops business skills to enhance proactive sellers. This is not to sell to sell to all customers the same. The aim of the Active Sale a product is to offer customer more, trying to customize the sale as possible, as far as possible and at a time usually short.

To make this adjustment in the offer, the first of the tools available to the seller is observation. Noting can detect what the customer might want, like I did when I was looking at the candy. Later it will be essential to know well its product portfolio and provide benefits, in order to choose the most suitable for that client. And of course, know how to offer the product in an attractive way. The way to offer is key. In many cases the decision to buy one product over another is based on the form that the seller has to convey the benefits we offer.

Activate Sale and is not only in coffee shops … anywhere can be given and you can practice as an opportunity to increase sales and retain customers. Would you join to Active Sale?

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