Training as a key for motivation

Motivation impacts on the results.
Training impacts on motivation.
Therefore training impacts on the results.

This syllogism, applied to the automotive industry, leaves us some clues as to how and why we can and should take the team motivation to improve results. Phrases like “I want you on my team”, “invest in yourself” or “the company you need to” have a positive influence on self-esteem and confidence of employees, impacting the environment.

According to studies made by Overlap among a group of dealers, the most advanced in the syllabi improved their net contribution to the company by 0.44% more than average.

It is natural that the current scenario requires us to reduce our budgets, but we can make mistakes by putting the items for training at the top of the list of cuts. Currently, as providers of training solutions, consulting and development we are investing our R & D + i in making more accessible our interventions, trying to reduce the efforts made to assist network shares and optimizing resources and investments needed .

These data were provided by Eduardo Lopez, Project Manager Automotive at Overlap, during a presentation at IE Business School.

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