The success of technology in business management, in people´s hands


The technology applied to business and sales management is a fact that facilitates the work of teams and makes it more efficient and powerful. The tablets are the latest technology, which applied to the sales teams achieve more customer focus, less bureaucracy and a high level of management.

However, the tools themselves are worthless. The tablet doesn´t success, nor the software or its functions. Success depends on the people who run them.

To ensure a victory is necessary to work in change management to achieve the team’s commitment and eliminate barriers to the tools (which are sometimes viewed with suspicion by its sophistication and because it facilitates control and monitoring of individual and team results). Success will come identifying people from the start can help us anticipate barriers and resistance, defining the role of command and prepare to manage change.

Only then the technology will be a real investment, not an expense, with the added bonus of having a sales team committed to the company and its functions.

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