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The Neuroscience of Sales: How to Increase Positive Feelings in the Sales Process

Scientific advances in the field of neuroscience are helping to understand how human beings interpret what happens in their environment and how they reacts and adapt to circumstances. This knowledge does not only have practical application in medical and psychology fields, it can also help to provide solutions to many everyday problems.

The automobile industry has been one of the most involved in the application of these findings. For example, in recent years it has been fashionable to speak about neuromarketing, a discipline that uses this kind of knowledge for improving the impact that brands have on consumers and shaping their buying habits. Brands like BMW, Volkswagen and Toyota design their vehicles considering the emotional impact that will be generated by their customers. They even test their ads in special laboratories to determine the degree of stimulation, emotional involvement and liking or rejection they generate for consumers.

Similarly, for years balanced scorecards have been designed considering the variables that affect a driver’s attention and awareness to improve their response behind the wheel. It’s no accident that every car’s emergency lights have the same bright yellow color.

One of the latest examples of this applicability is found in Toyota. They have developed an innovative technology called the “Toyota Heart Project” in which through voice and image recognition technology, the car determines the emotional state of the driver and suggests destinations and enables different assistance systems. In addition, ambient colors also change depending on the mood of the driver.

It’s gratifying to see how there is increasing recognition of the value and applicability of neuromarketing. Until recently, it was difficult to convince the sales teams to change their less favorable behaviors towards the customer with other, more favorable behaviors thatsupport the purchase of the customer. However, through the use ofneuroscience we are able to use objective data that allow us to identify which arguments are more or less persuasive and what ways of presenting the product are more striking.

Along these lines, Overlap has incorporated different neuromarketing techniques into its training and development strategies. Through the use of biofeedback devices and psychophysiological recordings,which we use in our trainings, we can prove in a graphical and objective manner how what a sales person does has a direct impact on the client. Each sentence, argument and behavior can create behaviors in our clients that predispose them towards making a purchase. Training sales teams in these skills opens a door that leads to improved performance and better results for our sales teams.


An article by Eduardo López Ortega, Project Manager, Automotive Sector

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