The model that enhances your service

The executive said, “if only I had people like him, I’m sure business results would be much better. But of course… I don’t have people quite like that.”

Amongst his negativity, I had to make him see that he could count on collaborators and without having to change his workforce because after what was experienced at the hotel, there was a clear work model designed and implemented previously; a model that systematically refines customer service skills for all employees and that works continuously thanks to a monitoring model from the hotel managers so the hotel customer can be left with the same feeling that this general manager had upon visiting the hotel.

What does a “model” mean? There are many definitions that can be found:

· Archetype or reference point to imitate or reproduce.

· The works of ingenuity, exemplary for its perfection to be followed and imitated.

· Theoretical framework of a system or a complex reality, which is created to facilitate easy understanding

A sales team and quality management model is a reference to follow, or like a representation compiled and linked with the activities to develop regularly over a period of time with the people who make up a sales team and customer service team.

This model aims to drive customer acquisition and loyalty through the implementation of a sales system aligned to the strategic priorities defined by the company.

For the purpose of the design of this model, the following is required:

– A manual that includes what and how things should be done.

– Definitions of the commercial and people management processes to establish the tools, media and formats that help to achieve objectives.

– A mix of business and customer service processes, through the definition of a unique and characteristic style of the entire organization.

– Must have a major focus on people, developing the skills needed for effective implementation of the defined processes.

– A need to convert the managers to be the drivers of change on their teams.

– Involves commitment and obligation to the model.

When I explained this to the general manager, he ultimately understood, but repeated again, “Well, my company’s doing pretty well, we are growing, and I have no time now to think about creating a methodology that everyone should follow. This would involve costs, effort, problems with the workforce, and above all, a lot of time. Maybe I’ll think about doing it later”, he said.

I insisted to him that the time is now, when he has to create his management model. All companies aim for growth, but the day that GDP stops growing or new challenges appear on the market, companies that have not created solid foundations and effective work methodologies for their teams will lack a competitive advantage and then it will be too late to think about designing and implementing a sales and quality management model.

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