modelo relacion con clientes

The model of relationship with customers

We all know that the market is constantly evolving and why businesses need to adapt to new situations. In this context, I have seen an evolution in the model of relationship with clients and it deserves a reflection, since it can be a critical point to strengthen bonding to.

Some aspects that I have seen in the relationship and interaction with customers are:

In terms of people:

Before the partners in a relationship marked more distances between supplier, however, my experience has led me to learn about situations in which the customer demand to share your brand, culture, values and social responsibility.

Companies now invest in training its professionals and their partners, in order to be more efficient and that there should be greater connection and understanding.

In terms of processes:

There has been an evolution in the process of work customer-supplier, so that feels the need to create a joint value chain and unify and optimize work processes.

Encourages the creation of workspaces sets favoring the relationship, decision-making and teamwork. In addition, it provides value-added business solutions.

In terms of technology:

Common tools for the development and management of the activity might be key to consolidate the relationship with a client and also generates efficiency, optimizing time and costs.

Ultimately, the model of relationship with customers in process of evolution and we need to continue to build a way to generate a client-partner joint growth.


Article written by Esther Torremocha Freijo, Key Account & Project Manager de Overlap


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