The Madrid Motor Show resists to slump


From May 25th to June 3rd, Madrid is living their traditional meeting with the automotive sector. Although no one is aware that it is going through a bad time, brands who fled have shown its major developments to try to attract a decreasing numerous audience.
The stand of the new Volvo V40, which was presented by the president of theIMG_7658Mark, Germán Lopez, and the chief officer, José María Galofré, was one of the most visited in the opening of the Hall, while Mercedes-Benz presented the new Class A, Volvo V40 rival among others, in addition to the range of engines E-Cell (plug) and the Mercedes Coupé Style Concept, prototype that was previously presented at the Geneva Motor Show.

Meanwhile BMW introduced the new Series 6 (Grand Sport Coupe and Coupe) and C 600 / C650 GT Sport maxi scooters, which involve the entry of the brand in this segment as defendant. Mini Countryman presented with Nani Roma and Dani Sordo (who attended the Hall) participated in the Dakar and World Rally Championship in addition to its range of models already known in the market.

However, the news does not hide the slump situation that data has already reached the early nineties. The crisis is widespread, because as of April 2012, three of four dealers have lost money so far this year and the sector plan calls for urgent action.
That is why the manager of the Ministry of Industry joined the petitions that were launched during the round table organized by the employer Anfac (manufacturers) and ANIACAM (importers), which stressed the need for several grants to stimulate the market and rejuvenate a park whose average age now exceeds 10 years.

The brands, although they have to support the regulation and the laws of the State, should focus its efforts on getting the product to light and become strong at this difficult time. They must adjust to the situation, find other ways of selling them back the good results, such as social networks help or drastically change their current behavior, because right now his previous administration does not produce benefits as before. In this sense, it´s particularly important the implementation of business models that take into account the proactive sales outside the concession, the development of strategies on customer segments and enhancing customer experience management concepts and referral marketing.

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