The implication of the Internet sales team improves outcomes up to 20%

A new sales enviroment is arriving. The NADA 2012 Convention & Expo, one of the main automotive conventions that just took place in Las Vegas (EEUU) and where Overlap has been, left us some ideas about automotive sales when the automotive context needs more tan ever new ideas to overcome the crisis.
David Kain, from Kain Automotive consulting, launched a theory about how the opportunity can come from the Internet and how to take advantage from it.
– In the nineties, leads arrived by fax, but there wasn´t any action or report… So we lost the sales.
– At the beginning of the Century, we can see the leads in the Internet, but as there was a performance and reporting process were not followed … Lost sales.
– At the end of the first decade of the century, the car dealers see the Internet as an interesting way of gaining clients, there is a department to manage leads but the agents aren´t involved… We lost some of the sales.
– Now is happening: All the sales staff is involved in the Internet sales, where we receive clients and trade with them… ¡Big sales increase!
According with a study made for this consulting group in 100 dealerships, the 15 companies that worked the lead in the Internet with all the tools available (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube…) achieved 15 or 20% more sales tan their competitors.
Definitely, a great business opportunity!
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