The evolution of learning in the BBVA Campus in the first round of the ASTD2012

The first day of the ASTD has given us great ideas and knowledge about training and development. Denver is now an erupting volcano which we are extracting all we can.

Of all the issues that we heard yesterday, we highlight the review by the CLO (chief learning officer) of BBVA, Ignacio de la Vega, who has lived evolution learning in the organization. Learning that is channeled through the @campusbbva.
The CLO has explained that the campus is based on 5 pillars: specialized content per area, globality, technology, process efficiency, brand and business generation. It seeks to promote the brand as a company that attracts talent and employees. Also, the campus supports the generation of business and branding assets sharing learning with stakeholders, acting together in international forums and conferences.

Currently the campus is organized with activity 63% online and 37% attendance, and through blended learning, but the model will be modified and brought to the cloud. By theme, it will reach 12% attendance and 88% online. One of the success keys to arises in the high involvement of managers in the project. De la Vega pointed out that managers, including the CTO, participate in sessions every week.

As significant figures, the @campusbbva has provided more than 5 million hours of training, 49 per employee, and invested over 40 million euros a year.

We stay in Denver, if you want to know everything that happens here, stay tuned to our blog, our Twitter @overlapnet_EN and our group on Linkedin.



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