The Customer Service: the largest value of the companies, along with their employees

The greatest value of companies is located, or should be found, to its employees and collaborators, in their talent and professionalism. Are the engine and the gear of the organization and, in many cases, the ambassadors of the brand to the consumer. A continuous learning allows them enrich themselves, recycled, keep the mind awake and steady improvement in professional life and personal.

One of the benefits and applications that provides the training is the improvement of communication and customer service. Those people who have a direct bearing customers, consumers or users develop competencies such as empathy, assertiveness and active listening, but they make many mistakes in the daily life of an organization that originate from poor communication. Conflicts, misunderstandings, rumors … all of them can be mitigated through effective communication. Therefore, the investment in training in communication techniques has a significant return and currently is little valued by companies.

Personal skills in communication favor both internal and external communication of the company. These techniques not only help to better customer service or a better product or service for sale, but significantly improve the interactions and relationships among coworkers. And that includes both formal and informal communication.

Companies that possess a care service very careful consumer know they provide you sophisticated experience stimulates the loyalty and improve sales results and benefits. Although there is no magic formula, they should take into account some very basic concepts. Companies that stand out in the customer care quite often invest in employee training programs and management talent. They also tend to treat workers well giving them incentives, solids career plans, and other benefits.

The objective of every business should consists of creating a satisfying experience for employees, so that they can transfer that excellent customer experience company. The service will be successful when a company processes, leadership, communication, learning and development are aligned to support the services desired patterns and employees who run them.

Speaking of the process of the company, we think that any company is proposed to enhance employee productivity. What clues should be aware of?

One of the most cherished values: the people: this is the key factor where are going to depend the objectives of the high qualification of workers, their potential for teamwork and ability to maintain open communication and transparent to all levels. To do this, they have articulated execution systems integrated tasks that provide direct and indirect delegating roles, responsibility for the task performed and shared objectives, respecting the flexibility and performance of the team. Another important aspect of the organization of work in the company is getting the job done in teams, each of which is headed by a supervisor telling a “meeting room” used as a meeting, communication and training center.

Do not stagnate. Continuous improvement: the implementation of a program of continuous improvement will allow absolute responsibility of each of the members as to the results. For the implementation of this program requires good communication, mostly done strategically, which serve to provide punctual a guide objectives, goals, problems, etc … helping them to set themselves the pace of their performance.

atencion_al_cliente2But do not believe that already is all done. Business relationships, like all involving a direct deal with people, are often difficult to carry. The seller usually suffers great periods of discouragement or disinterest must overcome to face a series of positive attitudes to the problems which arise (speak later this in one of our Report Trends 2013-15, as is the “Personal Growth” ).

• You need to know the capabilities and limitations of each, realistically.
• Refuse the underestimation.
• Be informed really causes a situation, asking if customer need the reason that has been achieved or lost a sale. Yes, we must relativize the opinions which are obtained since each is subjective in judgment.
• compare opinions with other colleagues, bosses or clients before this opinion leads to a particular form of action.
• Do not spin to things that can not be changed. Forget the feelings provoked by a bad relationship with a client to attend to a new one.
• Remember that if a problem might occur, will be presented, so you have to assume the risk of any situation.

Not only must you confront these attitudes, but we should handle psychological tools to establish effective communication with potential customers as can be:

• Make the customer feel at ease with himself: listening respectfully, with interest, etc., It helps to make the customer feel good about yourself and at the same time, to create good customer relations.

• Being mentalized that can be lost the sale: it is important to be prepared for difficult situations, disagreements, etc.. And not feel dejected for when this happens.

• Recognize that are not taken all the answers. A good salesperson helps to solve a problem by working with the customer, it is better to recognize that it is not known or you do not what you want to force a sale unsatisfactory.

• Remember that a sale is not made until the money is in the hands of the seller and not even after this, as they may arise claims or returns. Therefore it is advisable not to neglect the customer even at the time of collection.

It is also important to set a good climate for sale. A critical point to be successful in sales is to be aware that it is not selling what the seller wants, but what customers want to buy. Therefore, you should never sell the benefits of a product or service without knowing which of them you want the prospect.

Another point to consider is that the sale is a puzzle where each piece is important. Is composed of a sum of details, sometimes insignificant, but whose oblivion can cost us implementation. Perhaps it is presumptuous to say that a sale can be achieved in the first 20 seconds, but we can say that the sale may be lost from the first contact, in the first few seconds anyway. There are a number of principles that chain must not forget: that in the first 20 seconds attention to the first 20 steps (walking safe), attention to the first 20 words (presentation), and attention to 20cm face (frank look and smile).

But before developing this “emotional flash” should first contact:

 • Caring the physical presentation and attire.

• Being willing to try the same level as our partner. We should keep in mind that we are dealing with a VIP “Visitor of a particular importance”, a term that we should award the seller today, which should be more than ever a VIP, ie be willing to progress and successful; Imagination, to learn out of adverse situations and be a professional, aware of their responsibilities.

• Be cautious. Having security is not synonymous with being arrogant.

Therefore, the key to better customer service:

Be expressive. Convey our heat, our pleasure to find our interlocutor, without ostentation but honestly, communicate. This heat results in our smile, voice, look.

Phone service. That can become our enemy and we should never interrupt our conversation with the client unless anyone else can deal with it.

Avoid preambles and after going around the bush. The customer prefers to be heard and respond to what you want before talking everyday situations everyday.

The smile is a fundamental part of the sale, therefore, we must consider, as a Chinese proverb says: He who knows not smile should not open a shop.


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