The challenge of talent management in Peru: a way to go


In Peru, and also in other places in Latin America, we have detected a new but familiar concern about talent management. The significant economic growth in the last decade has not been balanced with the need to consolidate internal business structures and equip workers and managers with the necessary components to build loyalty and retain talent.

Although there is concern in most of the sectors, some as extreme in mining and energy. The former has grown exponentially in recent years, with the consequent rise in wages and transfer of management and middle management of one company to another.

The Human Resources departments have spent more in traditionally administrative tasks and management than in the detection and resolution of needs and alignment with business strategies.
However, there is a trend in companies to create competitive advantage to attracting and developing talent … is a constant challenge to attract and retain capable and talented workers, avoiding high turnover, for two reasons: the high cost and because if they don´t do it offers advantages for the competence.

Tools such as schools, corporate universities and strategic alignment of the company, developed by the training departments are needs that are more interested every day. And, in this context, the balance is very good for the bottom line.

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