Social networks, threat or opportunity for the financial sector?

At this point few will argue that the image of banks and not going through its best. In addition, social networks have become the speaker for those customers who have something, founded or not, to claim your financial institution. In fact, the professionals responsible for customer service offices are involved daily with situations of customers disenchanted with which you have to establish or rebuild trust.

Some questions for reflection, how is this affecting the daily lives of employees working in offices? And  to the business figures? How must the trade figures have to manage face to face contact with customers who become “overheated” with all the opinions and comments made on the network?

It seems that the financial sector has played the most bitter of social networks, their potential to create a body of opinion contrary to their interests, but that has not yet been able to harness them to build relationships with their customers and prospects. Are they truly an opportunity that the industry is missing out? What are the reasons?

Today, the presence of financial institutions public profiles on social networks more like a defense mechanism to prevent others from making unauthorized use of his image, that a proactive tool sales. What is stopping these companies make the final leap? In an industry where communication with customers has traditionally been done in a personalized and commercial offerings have been tailored to the needs and situations of each individual, hard to think of launching massive deals through an environment that is lost control over the same receptor. Still, the possibility of a corporate sale of your own organization in the network, transmitting messages of social responsibility and reporting for projects of common interest where the entity participates, can be and are in fact as shown by some examples market, the way that banks and put their head as an active part in a world, the social network, which until now had not been invited to participate.

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