Social Media and Business

Networking tools of today are giving way to “cyber people” who interact and collaborate in social and cultural developments, leading to new forms and patterns of production and cooperation with more flexible and transparent workflows in areas as diverse as the business, science, politics, education, society and culture. As the space for innovation and value delivery is opening, it also improves public access to new knowledge, and therefore helps the process of technology transfer.


Other important aspect is that for the first time, the younger generation and oriented technology has the opportunity to transform the social networks that were created for recreational purposes other value added services. Most important is that participants communicate with each other virtually no hierarchy and without anyone to tell them how or when to do it (a feature very millennials).

In all sectors, the communication strategy is changing to a participation of stakeholders much higher and transparent. Businesses use social media principally for marketing, sales and Human Resources some ends an additional tool for sharing external knowledge. It is currently the most powerful tool to promote themselves, and people trust more on recommendations from the online community that reviews commercial promotion platform. Not only trust their friends, but also in friends of friends.

Consequently marketing departments have experienced a change of a strategy of “push” to a “pull”. This encourages them to interact on Internet forums researching the relevant information or reading content to become more informed. However, the responsibilities are not clearly defined in the companies. Therefore, companies will need to identify new ways to communicate and link these tools will have a decisive role. Have a social media strategy and provide communication guidelines reduces uncertainties and establishing an active online communication in the company long term.

What are the first initiatives they should take companies to adapt these new forms of online communication to the reality of everyday life?

Silvia Privette



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