Selling for Results

In our society, increasingly qualified, enterprises have to significantly change the way in which approximate and relate to their customers. Of course, these activities are underpinned by human relationships, but the strategies and skills that sellers use are updating unanimously in all sectors.

Thus, for example, the new form of acting (marked by the legislation) on relations between delegates from laboratories and doctors, evolving much as already experienced by all those groups that have chosen to promote a more personalized sale – key account managers, in the consumer goods sector; portfolio of clients in banking, managers etc.. .

But the truth is, sale, every day, takes a more technical nature, the quantity and quality of products offered, by both the profile of customers. For this reason, the approximation of seller to your customer requires, increasingly, greater professionalization. Large corporations are betting on promoting this professionalization through the implementation of a human resources policy based on managing talent, and therefore working intensively both in the area of selection as the development and training.

While training for sales teams has always been one of the most important points of the business budget, are also here producing changes to adapt the offer to the new times: is consolidating the trend of adapting training to the concrete case study offered by each company; and every time you are facing with more suspicion those models and standardized sales courses-“the sale X” or the “model of sales and” – equal to a company of detergent to a car salesman.

Overlap consultants has integrated all of its experience of over 15 years in the area of training and business development consultancy through a methodology of action, which seeks to obtain concrete results in commercial activity as a unique premise for action. To do this, you have registered brand “Selling for results” which represents a new way of understanding the business training.

With this modern approach, Overlap customize each situation before you start working with your customer. To do so, defines its objectives and the current situation of your salesmen, to concentrate on the 20/80 situations i.e., those actions that cause 80% of successful results. Starting from there, Overlap defines the most advisable sales strategy, creating all the processes for sale that requires every situation as well as the performance and measurement tools, the arguments and the study of competition.

Through this process you create a menu of training methodologies, with a single common denominator: fully develop the skill necessary to act in each of the situations effectively. These methodologies integrate social simulations, both in the field of role-plays as online; tools of e-assessment, which helps the seller to identify areas for improvement; and the realization of competitive games.

The process ends with the application of the techniques of coaching on the field, or by part of the controls or MSX, to support business management and allow you to measure the results of each action.

For Overlap, this way of acting has been his “modus operandi” since its formation in 1989. What is really new has been the ability to offer, in an integrated way, multiple performance solutions to each customer, depending on the capacity and powers of different levels of trade. In addition, this offer is always respecting the process time to market that each company should apply to their own customers. So get winning time over its competitors in releases or in the integration of new sales processes.

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