Routes 2.0: Ready for digital competences


Wikis, social tagging, QR codes, blogs, RSS, social networks, microblogging… are just some of the tools we handle every day to know the latest news, chat with friends or follow the posts of our favorite character. In the present era of information these tools are already integrated as part of our personal life and are slowly finding a place in the work ecosystem, changing the way we interact, communicate and work.
Overlap, as a promoter of lifelong learning of all professionals, has launched international Digital Competition Itinerary. The goal: to enhance knowledge, skills and attitudes that especially includes those powers, and promote new forms of interaction among employees. All employees have been involved in this project that has sought to increase competitiveness through new practices and knowledge:
– Supplementing and enhancing the digital identity effectively and safely
– Take advantage of the opportunities for collaboration offered by the network to share and create knowledge
– Know and handle tools and digital languages ​​2.0: blogs, wikis …
– Generate, consolidate and manage contacts in promoting social media networking
– Respect and uphold the principles of digital citizenship that we keep on the Net
– Develop collaborative projects in digital environments
Thank you all for the effort and involvement shown. Congratulations to those who have reached top positions in the ranking of claims and the most votes.
And you … You still have time to get on the train of digital competition! Are you ready?

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