Role of the employee in the bank office of the future


The employee of the bank office of the future will be far from the current, who acs reactively and devotes much of his work to operational management or to place “products” for campaigns.
In those offices where financial activity is in the background, your main skill will be to know the type of customer in front of him (listen and empathize) to build a “road map” that suits your financial needs as a client. Develop business skills “advisory” and personalized.

It will serve customers face to face, drinking coffee or listening to a concert at the office. With private areas to discuss sensitive issues. There wont be the current concept of employee behind the counter, taking money from a dispenser and making deposits and withdrawals. In fact the money will be almost marginal.
And is that the current offices respond to a model designed for the needs of 20 years ago in which patches have been introduced and improvements. The office of the future must meet the current needs of children or the children of those children who get a free Magi play Tablet and network with people from all over the world.

Although short-term plots look push abort any project which does not ensure the “viability” of the coming years, in our opinion, those entities that are able to anticipate and begin to build from “and” an office or way of relating to “totally” different to “totally” different customers of the future will be those who obtain a competitive advantage to ensure the viability in the next 15 years.

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