Overshots, new “shots” to increase productivity and the acquisition of new skills in businesses


Companies face big challenges right now and get the templates adapt to new market needs, successfully introduce a new product or business model, or, in general, partially or completely change corporate culture.

These are complex challenges that require the involvement of all employees and the management of the company to change and adapt to the new situation. Concepts about negotiation, argumentation sales or openness to change to which Overlap has found an easy way of responding: the Overshots, knowledge pills in audiovisual format of 10 minutes maximum, which combine fun and learning to experimental, with little effort, transmitting the required concept.

These videos use the “storytelling” to raise awareness and reflect on various topics, and to extract and apply practical ideas tailored Captura_Overshotsto the working environment. Following principles of “lean learning” and “u-Learning” (you can see at any time and from any device).

NGOs benefited 5% of all sales

Conscious of the need to collaborate with charity projects, Overlap has decided to allocate 5% of all Overshots sales in Spain to Caritas educational projects for employment training, among others. In the case of Latin America, the donation will also be 5% and will go to local NGOs.

Currently we have the next catalog, which we will expand:

1. Emotional Intelligence
2. Negotiation
3. Adapting to change
4. Openness to change
5. Generational Diversity
6. Creativity
7. Share knowledge in the enterprise
8. Sales: initial contact
9. Sales: the needs assessment
10. Sales: the argument
11. Sales: refuting objections
12. Sales: closure

Ask us for more information.

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