Overlap attends the 2013 ASTD Workplace Learning & Performance Conference

ASTD 1ASTD‘s annual training and development conference took place last week from May 19-May 22 in Dallas, Texas. The Overlap team used this opportunity to network with potential clients, gain a better understanding of the US market and begin to integrate Overlap into the US market. In addition, we were able to identify industry trends that correspond with Overlap’s 2013 Trend Report.

Two of the most important trends we identified were:

1. U-Learning – Mobile Learning (Tony Bingham ASTD President & CEO)

Tony Bingham opened the conference on Monday morning talking about the importance of Mobile Learning and the idea of constant learning: here, now, always. This trend fits into Overlap’s U-Learning trend which states the importance of knowing how to learn, unlearn and relearn, something that Tony Bingham also stressed as important. According to the ASTD, in 2011, there were 6 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide (87% of the world’s population). Taking this statistic into consideration, it is easy to see that mobile technology is changing the world and our experience of it, creating crucial learning possibilities that were not present in the past.

2. Inspirational Leadership – Leading a Culture of Innovation (Sir Ken Robinson)

According to Overlap’s 2013 Trend Report, Inspirational Leadership assumes a leader’s ability to pursue a dream and make employees embark on it making it their own dream. As the keynote speaker, Sir Ken Robinson also mentioned the importance of following your dreams, becoming an inspirational leader and the importance inspirational leaders have on employees and other leaders within the company.

For more information, Overlap, along with representatives from Repsol and BCP (Banco de Credito del Peru), will release an informative newsletter which details the fundamental ideas of the conference.

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