Mercé Martin: “In the current situation does not work what we have learned, so we have to explore new ways of learning”

Mercé Martin, learning manager at Danone, joins our project giving us his views on the state of innovation in learning and knowledge in Spain.

– What is the level of innovation in learning and knowledge management in the spanish market?

I would say the level of innovation of Spanish companies in learning and knowledge management in the Spanish market is low. In a situation like this, in that what we have learned does not work anymore, that’s when we have to commit to new ways of learning to optimize the time and ensure the transfer of learning in our daily lives.

– What changes are having effects on investment in R+D+i in spanish companies?

Clearly is down, in my point of view by mistake. We should invest more in it as in the R&D+i is the country’s future. It is clear that the current parameters we operate, we must innovate and create new formulas.

– Which sectors would be most favored a policy of continuous innovation in this area?

In general all sectors must reinvent itself as the only way forward.

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