Lines of action

Together with our clients, we take up the challenge of pursuing their business objectives by taking action on the following:

  • Display and Implementation in their human resources of strategies and models oriented towards efficiency and productivity improvement in the relationships with their clients.
  • Performance Improvement of its human resources, combining the newly acquired learning experiences with a thorough knowledge of the sector in which our client operates.
  • Knowledge Management as a source of competitive edge.

Business solutions

  • Management of Business Teams
  • Key Account Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Points of Sale Management
  • Sales Models
  • Sales processes and protocols
  • Direct and Indirect Channels Management
  • Management of Regional Offices


  • Automotive
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Consumer and Retail
  • Energy and Industry
  • Healthcare
  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)


  • Commercial Leaders
  • KAMs
  • Account Managers
  • Regional Offices Managers
  • Points of Sale Managers/Agents
  • Points of Sale Salespeople
  • Commercial
  • Staff

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