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Learning Strategy

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Moving from training to a performance improvement culture

Many organizations need to change its action model, from a training-based model to a different model based on a performance improvement culture. This change has the following objectives:

  • Create Productivity Improvement work model
  • Generate a self-development culture
  • Develop an Informal Learning Culture.
  • Integrate formal and informal learning actions.

In designing the Learning Strategy for its clients, Overlap follows these steps:

  • Provide a communication channel with the client about trends in Training and Performance Improvement.
  • Promote a culture of Innovation and of generation of ideas.
  • Encourage the growth of the management team’s skills

In designing a learning strategic method, Overlap follows these steps:

  • Internal analysis.
  • Benchmarking analysis of trends and incorporation of external surveys.
  • Workshops to review the analysis performed. The workshop’s objective is to encourage the team to contribute ideas.
  • After the initial workshops, the input is included and a subsequent revision is performed.
  • Upon completion of this stage, there begins a period of generation of initiatives to include in the model
  • Jointly with the client’s team, a selection of the most relevant initiatives is made.
  • Finally, the Strategic Learning Model and the Implementation Plan are completed.

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