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Launching of Products and Services

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Alignment of the organization with the company’s product strategy

Launching a new product is one of the most significant landmarks for any company, and one of the most complicated as well.

One of the key questions during a successful launching resides in the preparation of the commercial organization at the time of assimilating a product.

Overlap assists its clients in reaching a solution focused on dealing with this situation, broken down in several stages with objectives and precise solution elements.

A solution may comprise the following stages:

First Stage: Communicate, Create Awareness, Motivate and Promote Involvement

  • Objetive: Set forth the project’s features.
  • Elements used: teasers, specific web pages for the product’s launching…), formal learning tools (for example: rapid learning), informal learning tools (for example: social tools such as blogs, forums, wikis…)

Second Stage: Impact, Discovery, Novelty

  • Objetive:adjust the commercial process to the new product’s different client types.
  • Elements used: print marketing (such as PLVs), experiential marketing (product impact using elements that put senses to the test), formal learning (training sessions, workshops, role playing…), and advanced marketing tools (for example: neuromarketing).

Third Stage: Knowledge – Comparative

  • Objective:pre-launching stage to introduce the product and its main strategic competitors.
  • Elements used: formal learning (for example: online tutoring, rapid learning.

Fourth Stage: Discover, See, Try, Compare

  • Objective:launching of the core preparation and learning block of the new product or service.
  • Elements used: classroom training action.

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