Knowing the customer, key to create a great consumer experience

Few doubt that at this time attracting customers is one of the main struggles of companies and one of the keys to attract them is to knowing them well. When we speak of sales points, one of the main means of contact with the customer – collection of sensations, is conducting an audit through the analysis of point of sale.

This analysis must collect each and every one of the aspects that make up the “customer experience”. In this sense, it is essential to analyze: clean, information, organization, attention and personalization. A quantitative and qualitative analysis that will offer immediate benefits and results:

1) It can detect deficiencies and, therefore, the needs of the business. Not the same view with the eyes of the employee with the client, because it has not acquired certain habits that causes workers to be day after day in the same field, it may take many details overlooked.

2) Review the available infrastructure. The use of existing space, the condition of facilities and the materials used are critical to the customer feel comfortable during the sales process.

3) Improving the treatment with the Client. Customer service should be clear, direct, with good-natured and polite, being alert at all times, to their needs.

4) Promote the positive aspects of the business. The image sales, so lets take care of even the smallest detail, highlighting also everything that gives value to the business.

5) Recommend to react and take action to improve the short term. A good idea does not work if not done. To do this, what better way to go putting a challenge that will achieve improvements in all likely to be.

Thus, a good audit at point of sale shows a plan of action “Just in time”, which allows outlets sink in a process of continuous improvement that positively impact business results.

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