Keys to achieve a good learning rate


The measurement results of training in enterprises is a growing concern, as reflected in the conclusions of the Report on Training ratios that just presented the GREF group. In these, they ensure that measuring results are increasingly done internally in companies and, above all, these results are measured by the impact on sales and improved results through greater application of skills and competencies in the workplace.


We are convinced that this is so and we have our vision to make learning paths that have real success in work teams:

* Always oriented to the learning process: What challenges are found when designing a learning path?

– That people identify with itformacin

– Acknowledge that things should be done differently

– To learn continuously

– Seen as useful

– To implement it correctly

– They feel that there is a stimulating challenge behind

* What basic premises will have to follow the design of the route to be successful?

– That students are part of the project preparation process

– Work with users that can be prescribers

– Working on key performance situations in which they are reflected

– To be in line with the process of the job and the time when that process is done

– Training should be fun, practical and focused on performance situations

– Aid in the field by the manager (on the job training and commercial animation)

– Make business objectives

– Fluent communication of successes

(The study of GREF, which is made with anonymous information from financial institutions and insurers in Spain, has been coordinated by the T&D director of Bankinter, Enrique Diaz Maurino)

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