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Do search you avoid nerves when speaking in public? We have bad news: will never be able to avoid them. It is more, the day you feel no nerves, worry. If this occurs, it is probably taking importance to an enormous responsibility that demands absolute dedication and concentration. The good news is that although it is not possible to avoid them, we can offer you some tips to control them and offer an excellent image to his audience.


Not only inevitable but recommended. The appropriate State of alert requires us to preparation and concentration when it comes to taking on a challenge. Most experts in public speaking confess that they still felt weird before ‘acting’ tingling. Therefore, don’t blame yourself for having nerves. It is normal and even desirable…



· Talk what you know. And if it is not an expert on the subject they propose you, relate it to something you know

· Structure the presentation in brief presentation points. Draw a visual scheme. This way you’ll avoid staying in white

· Although the auditorium is huge, include some interaction. For example, an initial question easy to answer with a Yes or a no.

· Avoid memorizing the presentation. Think like a story is telling a friend or family member. It is essential to living history, believe in what they are telling. The memory can never replace their strength and spontaneity when you have an experience or personal belief


· It is possible to have physical sensations product of nerves: cold sweats, tremors, dry mouth, feeling of tremulous voice

· Shake hands each other and press them firmly

· Hold something in your hand: your notes, a pen

· Drink water and keep it at hand

· Do not hide from his audience: when you know that it will be presented, and still remaining sitting or in the background, observe people staring. Avoid looking at the floor or ceiling.

· Take advantage to study the Auditorium. Identify faces that creates can be props during the presentation.

· When it’s your turn, walk leisurely and safe passage to the assigned place. On the road not note to the Auditorium. Arriving at the assigned place prepare or arrange the place if necessary without looking at the Auditorium.

· Once you are comfortable in place, now yes, turn the gaze to the Auditorium. Stand erect, feel how the entire audience see you, capture your energy and… start talking.


· Start to speak slowly. Let the ideas come to his mind and flow. Be natural

· Don’t be afraid to consult his notes or go to the visual support at any time. That’s natural

· Don’t be afraid to interrupt a sentence to rethink it before finishing it. That’s natural

· Don’t be afraid to stay silent while thinking in what follows. That is natural.

· Remember that you have previously selected friendly faces. Not lose them sight.

· Walk while you talk. Slowly, releasing energy in a leisurely manner.

· Also remember that your preparation has included interactions with the audience. Put them into practice, react spontaneously.


· Remember that they have placed him in a place where have invested him with authority. You have the respect of the audience before starting to speak.

· His challenge is not to earn the respect. His challenge is to keep it.

· If it stays white, item no. Start again. Rearrange your mind and your ideas, and share that journey with the Auditorium.

· If panic surrounds you, share that feeling with the audience. In a natural way.

Don’t be fooled and that do not cheat you. Continue feeling nerves before any presentation. Practice will help you to live with them, and the day where deemed them naturally. Congratulations then, because at that time you can you consider an expert in presentations.

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