IVECO reinvents Renting

Iveco is developing, through its Financial Brand, a new program through which offer customers the opportunity to produce titles Spanish government debt as security for the formalization of renting operations of new industrial vehicles.

It is, in fact, a new formula (still under study and negotiation) that aims to offer customers the brand most likely to access renting operations, so they can deal with the renewal of its fleet particularly difficult time in all financial markets.

In this way, Iveco is committed to offering its customers a integral service covering all their professional needs, including financial.

The management of the operation would make Iveco Capital and a team of specialists would be available to advise clients and assisting in all stages of the process.

Without doubt, this is an original initiative, different and innovative in a scenario difficult and hostile as it faces the industrial vehicle market. Face of adversity, there are two possible attitudes: falling in frustration or operating the imagination. Iveco has opted for the second and time will tell if this is a formula for success or a vain attempt to “empty stocks.”

Anyway, we welcome all ideas to help revitalize the sector and generate excitement between manufacturers and customers.


Fuente: Transporte3


Ángel Tejada


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