Innovation in products, tools and processes, the highlight of Alimentaria 2012


The International Food and Beverages, Alimentaria, is one of the main events for the industry worlwide and the 2012 edition, held in Barcelona on 26-29 March, hasn´t remain indifferent to the sector.

Oil tasting, refrigerators design, linear fruit that does not require refrigeration or rosemary honey beer are some of the innovative elements that have been seen and lived at Alimentaria, where Overlap was present to maintain contact and relationships with the sector. And is that the forum is not just a succession of windows but a cata_de_aceites_alimentariaspace to exchange experiences, to meet industry and to detect trends, developments and market knowledge.

This room has a significant international impact and from the commercial point of view is interesting for small manufacturers or specialized in very specific market niches, as well as for distributors who want to incorporate brands and differentiated products to its portfolio. From the viewpoint of the leading manufacturer, the interest of the presence passes through the presentation of innovations that increase the market. It makes little sense to be present if there is nothing new to report and many of these large manufacturers do not go. Others attend simply to don´t leave the room and because its jurisdiction does not fail to go.

The appointment, biannual, has not noticed the crisis in this issue and has closed its doors with a satisfactory balance for most of its 4,000 exhibitors and 142,000 visitors, more than in the previous edition despite their journeys have been among the of the general strike. Next, in 2014.

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