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Initiatives to deploy Best Practices in a network of points of sale

In companies with a business model more advanced and with a policy of effective knowledge management, identification and dissemination of Best practice business processes are being used.

This initiative, whose best example is Toshiba sales network in the US, is create the contents of commercial learning through real market situations, made available to the rest of the sales team.

The phase of identification of each Best Practice implies a rigorous task of objectification, previously defined what it means “Best Practice” for the sales team and establishing homogeneous criteria in order to avoid that any initiative presented is a Best Practice mandatory.

Second, would be the phase of “packaging” of each Best Practice, which aims to facilitate the distribution and use of each by the commercials for the sales team in a mixed environment virtual classroom.

The stage that provides the productivity of the programme will be dissemination of the Best Practices, which is based on reach each component of the commercial network to promote its implementation. This creative phase and multichannel ensures the incorporation of added value and, therefore, commercial margin or unit sales team.

18 Methods for the dissemination of Best Practices in the channel of points of sale of a company are listed in the following table: download table.



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