In the negotiation, as in the sale, should benefit both halves We negotiate?

Negotiation is a term fruitful for understanding communication, as well as being a process of persuasion, such as in sales. And is that the negotiation process that we see daily between individuals, groups, organizations, cultures, nations, … have become increasingly complex. Obligated to use the knowledge and skills to understand, solve, resolve or dissolve the conflict.

We can conceive of communication as a negotiation, ie a multidirectional communication in which two or more participants choose to cooperate or conflict, seeking to meet some needs.

There are people who are already equipped with some skills to build relationships with others. Only thinking can explain how these skills have been able to become second nature. Competent are unconscious. Even so, continually learning and practicing, because every day you run into any angle that they did not. Others are forced to acquire and practice skills to relate, because circumstances have forced them to deal with all situations. Reflect and translate into action his thoughts and teachings.

The time-consuming negotiations and power when the players lack the knowledge and skills necessary to manage conflicts. At the same time, can become a very attractive field to advance major projects in the world of human relationships.

The best way to have a professional competent in interpersonal communication is that you enjoy dealing with all kinds of people. On this foundation, you can go raising all kinds of skills, some of which we address here.

One of the greatest achievements of those who know how to negotiate is that known re-create the environment that is given. One thing is to be an unrealistic dreamer, who does not admit the reality as it is, and quite another to be a visionary, who admits the reality but only as the first step to change.

If you want to know more about how to be the profile of a good negotiator, as well as the styles and stages of negotiation, download this entire document.

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