How is the improvement of processes with kaizen?

As we mentioned this week’s post about what is kaizen, today we focus on the performance of this philosophy. Kaizen should involve the entire organization, from operators to CEO and everyone’s opinion is considered in the same way. Thus, everyone involved in a process to analyze it to define the ideal process. Determined by observing the deviations between the actual and the ideal process and propose countermeasures that are immediately implemented in the workplace (Gemba).

Many of the changes in the process derived from the proper management of time, in fact the technique used (MUDA) seeks to eliminate the down time, overload and irregularidades.Los Japanese adopted the Deming wheel of Plan-Do-Check-Act as a mechanism of continuous process improvement and as a result of continuous improvement of the final outcome (competitive improvement).

In this context and with this philosophy, while Western organizations focused on innovation and performance measured by results, Japanese organizations are committed to the process and measure performance for the efforts to improve it. Another major contribution that is closely linked to competitive advantage is quality control.

How can we apply to our customers?

Although traditionally applied this methodology to production environments and industrial processes, all processes that make up a working method, are likely to be improved. Looking for a practical application in such a business model, improving component processes necessarily will improve the work product of those involved and result in customer satisfaction (which actually measures display quality).

To implement it we must strive to convey a series of maxims:

– We will achieve long-term results, since changes and improvements achieved are small steps that bring us closer to the ultimate goal.
– The performance evaluation should be directed to the effort and not the result precisely because these efforts are aimed at achieving the ultimate goal and not a partial result.
– The involvement must come from the highest ranking employee management at the bottom, to the extent that all are somehow involved in each process and improving them should arise.
Kaizen does not involve large capital investments but is perfectly compatible with innovation.

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