How do you build a business development model based on a Sales Academy?

1. – You must have a working model of trade, business management process aligned with company strategy. This model is different when the commercial is B2C or B2B (business to consumer or business to business).

2. – The company will have identified some critical skills and knowledge to ensure the implementation of the Business Model: A successful business profile.

3. – Will have been identified behaviors that ensure successful implementation of each stage of the business process model, the sale that the company considers strategic.

4. – Each stage of the process will be supported by tools and their implementation measures through KPIs.

5. – These behaviors of success, along with support tools, may be developed by certain skills and knowledge that the sales force must acquire and implement. Your application will be measured by the impact it has on the KPIs.

The definition of all these elements must be done starting from “inside” the own sales force. Must be formed by best practice, individually, each of the components of the sales force is implemented. This is achieved by internal knowledge management through the identification of best practices sales business model based on internal and customer expectations.

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