Five secrets to sell more in times of crisis


From these premises we have increased our turnover by 16% in 2011. That results match our corporate makeover and opening two new offices in Monterrey (Mexico) and Lima (Peru).

The company has managed to close 2011 with a turnover increase of 16 points to reach 18 million euros in turnover. The objectives have been achieved in various international venues, and specifically in Spain have exceeded market expectations of a recession with growth of 15%.

Five Secrets to sell more in times of crisis

1 – Finding the business. Do not forget for one moment the target customer and make every action of the project with this objective as the central focus.

2 – Search commercial effectiveness in the implementation of services: launch new solutions that have to do with the creation of new business models, selling and advising schools on the performance of vendors.

3 – Encourage 2.0 technologies within the company to get messages to reach both the organization’s own employees and customers and consumers. For example creating an internal blog where people contribute their best practices and the others can comment, share, and make them your own.

4 – Strengthen the commitment, vision and effort of all equipment forming the company to get the motivation to enable them to positively address new challenges.

5-To promote R & D projects integrating short and long term, as this investment positions the company as a driver of trends and improve results.

In this context of increasing business, Overlap has launched 2012 with the opening of two new offices: in Monterrey (Mexico), where the business expanded and developed from Mexico City and Lima (Peru).

Corporate makeover

The company has just launched a new logo that seeks to convey its identity: innovation, flexibility and customer orientation. The first letter of the company, the O, becomes the imagenque wheel symbolizes his performance: Overlap serves its customers a comprehensive, direct and leaving nothing in the air. The lyrics are strong and forceful as the modus operandi of the consultant: very results-oriented, the ultimate goal of the client.

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