Excellent Performance: ensuring the pillars of business

Consumer initiatives that are shifting the focus of collaboration between Distributor and Manufacturer have an immediate implication for commercial equipment: Excellent Execution Point of Sale.

Developments like the “Customer Center” created by some manufacturers in their European headquarter or local central offices are to recreate physically linear and off trade outlets OnTrade and have spaces equipped with multifunctional and interactive virtual technology to recreate other places and moments of consumption, are breaking through as an item for manufacturer and distributor needs and share strategies.

As business managers need to ensure the knowledge and skills of the team to ensure a high level of performance in managing excellent way variables POS: execution.

Learning strategies evolve and technology today and practice in real and simulated environments help us to reinforce all this knowledge and develop skills.

Methodologies as Execution Simulator Point of Sale, which recreates a physical space through which we move, to work in a room with a tutor, who may be the commercial controller itself, the key concepts are those of Merchandising and Point of Sale Management interactively. Through virtual games which promotes competitiveness, very dynamic element in commercial, a fun work content required for the performance of the sales team.

These elements of the learning strategy complete with actual visits to outlets, inside or outside of the training sessions, to carry out an exercise in diagnosis and plan of action based on what worked before. All this is completed, if any, to work on “Customer Center”, where the company presents the standards and criteria of selection, implementation, price and recommended retail point animation.

Using technology as an ally, turns everything worked in business management applications on Ipad or similar devices that companies are beginning to incorporate business management.

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