Digital tools, one of the big names in Bogota Expoelearning

Expoelearning Bogota (Colombia, 12-14 June) has left us a positive balance on the status, trends and challenges of learning new tools, digital culture and communities. Of all the issues that have been sent to Congress from Overlap we wanted to talk about the EPSS (Electronic Performance Support System). Or, for those unfamiliar with the acronym, a new generation of electronic tools to support job performance. Practical means to gain access to content immediately useful, practical and efficient to advise, provide guidelines for action and support for action and decision making in the workplace.

Why EPSS? In this time of change-or change-time around us an uncertain environment. Changing patterns of communication, exchange, search and content creation and consumer evolves to “prosumer”. The prosumer model becomes the customer, consumer and worker of the future.

Thus the help EPSS as:
Quick Guides learning, to provide guidelines for action and then stay as a reference tool.
Resolute, enduring over time and are constantly updated.
Collaborative, which generate performance improvements collaboratively

In terms of shape, can be digital files, websites, Portals, PPP, PPP Web …

But not all have been Expoelearning tools, some of the most interesting concepts have focused on digital culture and new ways of learning: learning to learn. About communities and the role of teacher as facilitator. On the classification of learning based on competencies rather than on content.

Experts and Javier Martinez Aldanondo have explored the importance of learning and knowledge as a source of seed that everyone will be in the future. Thus, learning organizations must take advantage of what they know and incorporate constantly that they do not know what impact their efficiency and quality.

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