Digital Competition: Beyond Technology


Today, a number of organizations are living together two generations: those who have fallen across the digital divide; “digital immigrants” who are doing the best they can, and so-called “digital natives” who , although born in the late eighties, not necessarily always have the keys and the criteria they need to be properly managed in an environment of Hyperconnectivity and oversizing information like the present.

Occasionally, in order to address this need, companies tend to think that the solution passes through only implement and teach the people in the organization to use a series of tools and technology-based solutions. However, the concept of digital competence is much broader, and we must think beyond technology.

The key is to develop and enhance new learning model from the human resources management as part of the cultural change this behavior within organizations and helps improve the living generations and make the most of use of technologies.
But … Which some of the key digital competences to develop?

1. Informational competence: This means the capacity to work with information. Specifically search, analyze, evaluate and interpret, and create and disseminate new information.

2. Technological Competition: This is covered by the correct use of hard and soft tools that technology available to us, at the same time also assessing which of these solutions are best suited to our needs.

3. Cognitive competence: the ability to discriminate, be critical and selective in the different sources of information that compete for our attention and the ability to transform information into knowledge.

4. Digital Citizenship: This is the acquisition of a pattern of behavior that help us to live and work in a world where often the real and virtual are blurred.

5. Multiple literacies: the act of learning to interpret and express in all languages ​​that power the Internet, as is the language of videos, computer graphics, etc..

What skills / competencies / processes that they should have in your organizations to overcome the digital divide?


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