Change management and online solutions in the International Banking and Insurance


Knowledge, experience and debate continue to fill the week of the International Banking and Insurance in Overlap Madrid. All week we continue with presentations by experts inside and outside the company to help us analyze the trends that come and establish strategic policies to be followed in order to anticipate to present and future needs of our customers and contribute together business development.
For Change Management, the debate goes around the cultural integration of sales networks with different origins, the adaptation of computer and technology changes to the usual tools of work, and aspects of internal coordination teams through sophisticated tools integrated management systems. And, in the current environment – changing and full of uncertainties – is necessary to undertake actions aimed at improving worker performance.

Regarding online solutions applied to the sector, we have seen a number of key trends that we believe to be applied in future projects. In general, the area of ​​Banking and Insurance is putting the emphasis on the integration of technology, methodology and building multimedia learning solutions.

Under the big headline of uLearning we accommodate some of the major trends we’ve captured in the environment, which materialize in blended, immersive, mobile and collaborative solutions:

PDA1 The concept Solomo applied to training, with emphasis on the design of content:
Social: collaborative and through social media / corporate and Tools 2.0
Local: solving the user’s need at the time you need: while working, when need to know where there is a gas station nearby or what time a movie project …
MOBILE: ubiquitous across different devices (computers, tablets, smartphones …) and to display on / offline.

2 The Methodology KISS (Keep It Short and Simple): The solutions should be simple, practical and easy, reducing the density of content / information and also easily combined to build itineraries adaptable, customizable, flexible, and taking into account the devices which are displayed on or through which they can interact with the information. Similarly, this brevity is added the factor “emotional intensity” that can bring multimedia audio and video become great allies to move sensitivities.

3 The Gamificationn as Engagement: Is the use of game mechanics with the main aim of encouraging people to perform tasks that they consider dull or automatic, trying to find the meeting point between marketing, gaming and psychology to create compelling user experiences and exciting.

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