Change, diversity and people


O go to have dinner with friends; Josele and Borja are close friends of mine. We went  to University together, they came to my wedding, I went to them’s, and we see each other quite often…

Josele is an employee of the Savings Bank of his city, and it was his first job. He is married to Monica who works at a Savings Bank of competency. Borja is the son and grandson of bank employees. He runs a bank in the city.

In the end, as always, we ended up talking about the financial sector. And, as always, we share information and issues that make me think for a while.

In a market and an economic climate receptive to acquisitions, agreements of merger or transformation, Josele and his wife work in the same savings as the two have merged prevailing mark the Fund’s his wife works. A few weeks ago where he works Borja Bank has acquired the entity in which his father works.

Josele told us that now he and his wife are partners in the same office. And since after the merger the customer management system that has prevailed is that of the Savings Bank of his wife, he has to ask her when is in doubt with customer service.
Among other issues, Borja asked: How do you think will suit my father, after 25 years in the same entity, to the policies, philosophy and corporate culture of the new entity?

I begin by discussing the situation of Josele: “In this process of change that you are living training is not an option but a necessity, and I think it’s a basic need in both the individual and the organization.” “I am convinced that the entities resulting from mergers in which change is managed with the support of training, will get an impact on the more positive business entities that are not anticipated.”

Now I’m going to answer Borja’s question: “Right now the departments of Commercial Banking, HR and training those who have to implement the tools needed to create uniform policies and a corporate culture capable of integrating the philosophy of each merged entity. “

“People like your father, with over 25 years experience in a single entity rather than impose a new corporate culture as expected to occur, we must try to manage diversity by creating a corporate culture in which the various subcultures are aligned in a common goal. This means that people walk into a very different place. “

“For this to work we must not seek parity in appointments or posts, but the financial institution that fuses analyze the collective wants to incorporate, but an analysis skills to create a common place to go to share from the vision, mission and values of corporate culture to the everyday work processes. Yes, it’s like going back to school but in this case to a school that integrates the diversity or put another way that integrates the best of each house. “

And finally I just heard on the car radio that in a few days will make official the Bank’s working my friend Borja and his father will be merged with the Fund’s working my friend Josele and his wife…

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