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Changing Commercial Networks into a strategic advantage

The business school constitutes a comprehensive and tailored development plan through development Pathways related to key competencies as well as to the Organization’s Business Model. The business school’s efficacy is measured by the Industry’s Business Indicators.

This solution provides for the following aspects:

  • Comprehensive: comprises aspects related to both knowledge and skills.
  • Tailored: training actions are assigned in terms of individual development needs
  • Development pathways: different training paths based on a broad variety of teaching methodologies – Blended Learning.
  • Key competencies: defining skills, knowledge, attitude and experience that make excellence in business performance possible.
  • Business Model: series of company business processes and practices. Its implementation is measured by the Industry´s Business Indicators.

In designing the business school, the objective pursued is:

  • Creation and dissemination of a management style of their own.
  • Relation with business Indicators.
  • Participants’ certification through a system of credits and goals attainment.

The following tasks are performed in order to achieve these goals:

  • Individual analysis in terms of Business Competencies, work processes and business results.
  • Individual development plan based on pathways.
  • Combination of different training actions and methods; Blended Learning / Informal Learning.
  • Build a school brand of its own

In every process involved in the design of a solution the team’s approach towards critical work processes /areas is emphasized and an ongoing tutoring takes place, promoting involvement of managers in their co-workers’ coaching.

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