Business opportunities in Europe: Switzerland

The Overlap products and strategic solutions have reached, in recent years, a level of development that allows us to keep up the great global consulting, as evidenced by recent awards are made ​​in the last congress of the ASTD. This can allow us to reach the worldwide headquarters of multinationals, such as some of our current clients in Switzerland.

Switzerland, a country of only 8 million inhabitants, has twice as many companies that Spain in the prestigious FT 500 index of the largest companies in the world. It’s a great business opportunity for companies like Overlap. For example, one of the Swiss multinationals faces the challenge of aggressive expansion in recent years, from a presence in 25 countries to 41 countries, through various acquisitions. As a result, the organization must manage a large internal diversity, different corporate cultures, different languages, large “gaps” in current levels of skills and behaviors of individual managers.

For this company, it’s time to launch an Academy of Management, with a long-term. To be able to:

– Managers provide that support future growth worldwide
– To ensure consistency in the models of management in different companies
– That fit the skills of managers to the growth strategy

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