Bank: offices of the future


To think of the future offices is important to try to imagine the characteristics of the customer of a financial institution within 15 years:

  • What will be their relationship and level of integration with network technology?
  • What will be their expectations of satisfaction?
  • How will be their knowledge and financial needs?
  • How much time will they have for this services?

The following trends will mark the design and strategy of the offices of the future:

  • Almost won’t be physical money in circulation
  • Almost 100% of trading will done through web in multiple interfaces
  • The networked technology will be fully integrated into the everyday users of the future
  • The financial literacy of users will ever expanding


Reflection points take us to different lines of development:

Digital platform

Its importance will grow at the expense of physical offices. A significant percentage of the operation will be self through these platforms, and even be very advanced in recruitment areas. They will be supervised by custom virtual employees, that is, each customer can create your avatar as an assistant/adviser/employee on your needs and high ability to interact and advance to offer products and services according to how customer profile. 24h-365 days a year. 

Physical Offices

Remain strategically to meet the need for individualized personal relationship. The number of offices will be much lower, will be larger and more employees, and the financial offer to be confused with other offers not directly related to banking. The office should be consistent with the technology platforms (image, accessibility) and be provided with appropriate technological devices (screens, tablets, PCs) available to customers. Should be a meeting point that allows other functional activities (buying, check) and leisure (talk, read, play, music, travel arrangements …).

In short, the physical offices will complement the virtual cover what they can not, the relationship between people face to face, looking into her eyes and listening sincerely.

In the next post will talk about what the new role for the employees of these offices …

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