A simple reason that until better armed business model can failing

Recalling the shortsightedness of the marketing of Levitt, today we find companies that play this strategic error on one smaller scale. From the safety offered by the well established business models, they trust their commercial muscle to, period after period, go to fulfilling the goals of its strategic plans.

A solid business model put into operation machinery sales and gives it a hard stop inertia. As a large freighter that should begin to decelerate many kilometers before reaching the coast, commercial models are powerful engines of daily activity, which allow efficient cruising intensive companies in business, what ever the sector. In emerging or stagnant, competitive environments have become essential to be competitive in every day.

Despite its benefits, what looms is a lack in the equation. With certain business models, from the outside, the sales team appears as a mere executor of an established process, with rules and very restrictive limits. Precisely focus the requirement in the execution is one of the main reasons for the stagnation of the professionals. Thus, models can, by paying attention too much in the short term, limit the potential of an area of commercial influence and the team that operates it.

A model short-term (which only said and called to report how, where, when and how, day to day, week to week) narrow the race of the sales force, to turn it into a commercial version of modern times. It also wasted opportunities, leaving to escape the knowledge of the market for which we do not find space or appropriate location in its structure.

The proposal faced this type of situation is simple: trust in the gray matter of our sales force, i.e.:

I promote that they engage in the process of strategic planning in their areas: who know how to translate global trends, political and macroeconomic factors, long-term prospects for their teams, etc. on concrete actions which, duly basted, give a different positioning.

II. convince yourself and convince them of the need to become managers for their development and that of the company. If only there is execution, there is no interesting future (can even future…). Do not allow the chain to the current strengths, because these are probably not the appropriate past tomorrow.

III. Adapt our current business model, precisely so that you integrate the long-term vision, making relapse part of this responsibility directly in the field teams. Tools such as the annual strategic plans by segment, line of product, industry or geographical area can, if combined properly, provide a very fruitful balance to the management of an area of commercial influence.

Find companies that partially decentralized responsibility means being to managers that they are committed to their equipment without giving up control. Today they are a minority, but the fragmentation of the market is doing that, little by little, the rest must operate short-sightedness and grow its commercial gray matter volume.

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