2.0 Recruitment in the automotive industry: the future online


The wave of Internet and social networks has also drawn to automotive customers. Although many have not purchased online, 75% already used it as a means of information that directly affects their purchase decision. And 37% of buyers have Facebook profile.

Users of the Internet spend 16 hours looking for cars on the Net; they are interested in finding, in that order, pricing information, special offers and promotions, specifications and technical advice and comparisons. Thus, it is important to begin to act accordingly in the company to integrate solutions 2.0. And the fact is that is achieved between 15-20% closing ratio on prospects in a structured process that integrates the tools online.

Some good practices for the websites of cardealers are:

– Develop a profile to be visible
– Manage and update the contents
– Highlight promotions
– Provide free services to the target value in Internet / Network
– Ready, aim, fire. Measure results and correct
– Link the team in this new task 2.0

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