Customer Industry: Consumer Goods & Retail

Project: Increasing the Proactive Sale


For this client, there exists a reactive contact with the customer, with a low selling focus and low use of up-selling and cross-selling capacities within their stores, considering all the products that are available to the client, including financial products. The company’s goal is to develop a proactive behavior, considering all sales opportunities, valuing customer service, and executing with quality, speed and good conflict resolution.


In this case, Overlap conducted a small Mystery Shopper exercise to condition some new employees in the value proposition presentation in order to align them to the company’s reality and giving them the opportunity to become a part of the company. The methodology used to define the instructions on how to sell and get to know this store was made of two tools: a Visual Map or a product guide with the description, features, and approach for each of the items in the store. We completed the guide two months later with a trendy subject to support workers who have direct contact with customers.


The company was very pleased with the change of the professionals’ position and attitude in 450 stores nationwide. We continue to visit the stores to informally verify the permanence of the model, and also continue testing the sales efforts with the company’s Mystery Shopper using questionnaires on the new customer service model and telephone surveys to a sample of professionals. This methodology was transferred by us to confirm the visual map’s implementation in its different parts.