Customer Industry: Consumer Goods & Retail

Project: Corporate University


  • Support the achievement of the company’s business objectives through a continuous learning philosophy aimed at achieving excellent performance in employees.
  • Increase the true working process changes within the different BUs, as well as the implementation of the company’s policies in internal teams.
  • Strategically protect the company’s training, by linking it to long term objectives.
  • Create a knowledge and research concentration model, and develop the working models according to the strategic needs and goals of the company.
  • Respond to the need of internal development express by the employees in the face of internally conducted surveys.


  • The Corporate University was created following the development of the Training & Development strategy with the Training Department.
  • The objective of the Corporate University was to drive the implementation of the strategy and the achievement of the business objectives with improving both individual and organizational performance. It ensures that learning and knowledge are used as the company’s transformational tool, integrating employees in the Culture Model.


  • Employee alignment to the brand (culture, values, and history).
  • Improvement in the Internal Climate Survey regarding work environment indicators: training and human resources.
  • Synergies were created in learning projects: reuse of products/services and economies of scale.
  • Knowledge management: reduced loss of know-how and increase spreading of best practices.
  • Bonding employees to the company and its corporate strategy.