Customer Industry: Banking & Insurance

Project: Improved Productivity of SME & High Income Executives


The SME and high income segments are treated at the bank by executives whose productivity levels (complying with sales goals in strategic products for each segment) were very unequal:

  • 100% of the budget in each segment was implemented only by 30-35% of the executives.
  • The rest of the executives failed to meet their sales commitments.
  • The customer’s dilemma was clear: determine the causes of this phenomenon and act to equalize and raise productivity levels of all executives or otherwise take decisions to reduce the team (which would later have consequences given the aspirations for growth of the entity in these segments).


Overlap proposed to the customer to conduct a thorough study investigating the causes of poor performance for most executives, and lead to the creation of specific recommendations for each situation. Thus, all market variables were reviewed (geographic location, potential and presence of competition), their own sales model was reviewed (processes, tools, customer portfolio management model, objectives, incentives, leader and other area support, etc.) and professionals were reviewed (profile, career path).

Based on the initial guidelines picked up during fieldwork, Overlap worked with the Sales VP team (Network, Segments and Sales Methods Administration) to deepen the most important aspects using quantitative methods (surveys, data analysis, benchmark), as well as qualitative methods (interviews, focus groups, functional analysis).


Two types of factors were identified that affect productivity:

  • General (affect the entire group)
  • Specific (executives with low performance)

These factors were related to issues incurred in the selection and training process, from the leadership and executive support model, until the use of management tools for the customer portfolio and sales activity planning.

22 prioritized recommendations were made to estimate the greatest impact on productivity KPIs. Overlap coordinated, as a PMO, the first implementation steps of the initiatives, reaching a 8-10%  improvement in the number of executives who achieved the expected productivity levels in the 6 months following the diagnosis development.