Customer Industry: Automotive

Project: Digital Contribution Plan


In 2015 one of the customer’s most important objectives was to generate new business, or in other words, respond to the following question: “How can we help each other to create business from our job role?”

For this reason, the need arises to implement new training programs for the Network Post-Sales Directors. Thus the objectives of the different brands in the industry will be met.


Use of the “Digital Strategy”, whose objectives are:

  1. Train and improve their digital skills to effectively manage the Dealer’s online interactions with the public, achieving increased sales and therefore meeting business objectives.
  2. Practice the design and implementation of an annual Digital Marketing Plan, which together with the offline Marketing Plan, makes a differentiated value proposition from the competition by improving the dealer’s off-on line reputation.
  3. Train up the use of tools that allow the measurement of the actions taken, thus optimizing the investment in marketing and communication.
  4. Raise awareness and provide tools to the DPV profile to know the customer in depth, in order to set their preferences and therefore design the value offer.
  5. On the other hand, it is necessary to develop a fluid communication with the customer that fosters an emotional bond with the brand, promotes loyalty, and has the customer recommend the dealer to others.

All this would be done through a completely gamified and technological methodology, using the Game4Learning platform, in a social networking environment that encourages the participation and competitiveness of the participants, creating teams, and using the Canvas model adapted to a Digital Strategy Plan.

This model runs throughout the construction process of the strategy, through the customer life cycle at the dealership.


The proposed design and methodology assessments has been very positive and with a great impact, creating a notable differentiation of Overlap from the other training suppliers they use.