Modelo Omnicanalidad

Customer Industry: Information Technologies

Project: Omni-Channel Model


Identify the keys that must be developed to manage the current and potential customer experience. It was important to know their needs and expectations throughout the company’s life using the accessible means and channels and being aware that it is a differentiating element.


Define the aspirational omni-channel model based on the company’s business strategy, by identifying gaps on the current situation, conducting a benchmark for incorporating the trends that help evolve this strategy. For this, we  did a channel model analysis on the customer, segments, profiles, customer interaction channels, current capabilities, and the required needs, and generated a proposal on what the omni-channel model should be. A Road Map was established for the development and implementation, with prioritized proposals using cost/benefit criteria.


About the budget of the analysis segment, it has allowed them to prioritize investments over the next 2-3 years on their strategic actions, as well as develop identified short and medium term quick wins for each of the channels that interact with the customer.