Customer Industry: Consumer Goods & Retail

Project: Leaving the Recessionary Market


The client is in a recessionary market. Its main brands are located in very traditional categories that are decreasing and they are about to finalize the distribution agreement of one of their fastest growing brands, in terms of volume, turnover and profitability. To compensate, the company has decided to launch six high potential brands into the market. Therefore, it was necessary to design their Path to Market Model to have a common working methodology in its whole sales team.


The RTM Model design is comprised of the following:

  • Distributor and POS segmentation;
  • Resizing of team routes, functions, and tasks, the sales methodology, agenda, manager role, Model’s KPIs, and incentive model.

Subsequently the company has launched the Change Management process with the sales team, through communication activities that work on attitudes, knowledge, and skills training. The next step was to go to each region to implement the model using Field Coaching for the team: Regional Director, Sales Managers and Unit Managers.


  1. The routes and resource dedication have been optimized based on the importance of customers (A,B,C).
  2. The company has managed to stop the decline in sales and meet the objectives in the business KPIs.
  3. The sales management team has become more professional by incorporating modern management processes, such as the Account Plan and the P&L statement for each customer.